Hello! I’m a 20-year-old freelance photographer & videographer based in New Delhi, India. It’s been around 5 years since I’ve entered this art field and have been into the various genre. You may call me a travel photographer! I enjoy photographing the various festivals that occur in my country throughout the year. Apart from that, I also love doing landscape and streets. Doing commercial work has lately been another field of interest as I get to meet new people and learn new things! Apart from photography I also have major interests in making documentaries, filming & publishing photo journals.  I’m also working with NurPhoto Agency based in Italy as a photojournalist.

                                                                     I believe a photograph is something that should tell a story and be connecting to the spectator.


I got featured at National Geographic in 2018 which boosted my confidence and gave me a new direction towards my passion.

My one of the picture based on Incredible India featured at National Geographic India.

  • Featured at National Geographic India
  • Qualified as best photographer exhibitor under Greenstorm Foundation hosted in association with the United Nations.
  • Winner at National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) Competition 2019 (National Level).
  • Secured 2nd position in Movie Making competition at DIGEX 2019 hosted by DPS RK PURAM 2019.
  • Awarded as Best Portrait photographer at Paridarshika 2019 hosted by DPSG Vasundhara 2019.
  • Awarded as Runner Up in Portrait photography at Paridarshika 2019 hosted by DPSG Vasundhara 2019.
  • Selected as a Top Exhibitor at the International & National Level exhibition hosted by Jaipur Photographers Club (Annual Photography Exhibition 2019).
  • Selected as a qualified participant in BRICS competition, hosted by Russia.
  • Served as Organizing Committee Member at DPSIMUN 2018
  • Served as Organizing Committee Member at DPSIMUN 2019 as a photographer.
  • Appointed as Creative Head (Photography Head) of DPS Indirapuram.
  • Founder of The Media Cub of DPS Indirapuram


AV FRAMES is my photo atelier, a company in which I perform all of my activities and it was founded in the year 2016 and is registered under the Government of India.

All of my sales are performed under the company and the artwork created by me is the sole copyright of the brand.


Schooling has always been an interesting part of my life. I wanted to pursue science as I was fascinated by space science and wanted to become an astronaut.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t do very good at maths so I chose commerce but unfortunately, it led me to the destruction of a whole year in my academic field as I had no interest in that field. After testing out all the subjective fields I chose humanities and did well in my studies in Higher Secondary. At that point, I realised

There’s a lot of difference between getting fascinated and passionate.

I’m still very fascinated by space science and I often see myself surfing more about space and the universe and doing experiments.


I had no idea about photography, until 2016.

It seems like school was something where I learned everything other than my studies! Not to mention politics and hustle but I also got a lot of exposure towards the various genre, and how people treat each other.

I completely failed and had zero interest in academics. I restarted my studies by taking up humanities which I really liked and that subject thankfully triggered my interest in academics again.

It was just a matter of a few months, I was performing better than average in academics and gradually improving and had done great at photography. Winning more than 5 prestigious competitions within a year and a National Level competition in photography and bracing something to do great ahead. I was made Creative Head of the Photography department of my school, and I founded THE MEDIA CLUB of my institute. It was a complete turnaround for me.

At this point, I had realized that I have discovered my passion and was sure about my life and the career I want to pursue. I realized and have watermarked quote on my mind that

“Discover your passion, and follow it & glimpse fascination”.

This failure and success adventure, made me believe

“Success comes in the form of failure sometimes”

Currently, as of 2020, I have secured my admission at the University of Westminster, London U.K. and hope of joining it in September 2020.


My interest in the field of photography was an accident. I was in the marriage of my cousin where I accidentally opened my phone’s camera (an average android phone of 2015, gifted by my grandmother). To be precise it was Lenovo K3 Note! Just to experiment upon I clicked a picture of a bench that was lying on a path in warm low light and somehow that picture made me write a short narrative. Since then I just clicked pictures unaware of any field regarding photography and wrote about it, I made an Instagram page on the very same night which made me post quite frequently as I craved followers on social media, therefore I slowly started photographing.

To the readers, craving for social media fame is the stupidest idea an artist can ever have!

I believe “An art is never rated upon followers, likes and fame”.

It was the year 2018 when my parents were quite happy with my art and they purchased me a camera and within a month I got featured on National Geographic India! This came to me as a big surprise. My first achievement and directly from Nat Geo was next to impossible to believe for me. It was a dream come true at such a tender age.

It made me realize only one thing-

“When you do a thing with both heart and soul success is guaranteed”

When there was no school, I used to get up at 3 am and go for photo walks, which was my input towards my passion.

Apart from this I also like music & have done a senior diploma in the field of music (Synthesizer). It’s been more than 5 years since I have started learning music and I play mostly Indian Classical (Raga). Music has been a great stress buster as well as a way to express myself and charm other people.

And that’s it! If you would like to know more about me then just toss me a message!

Always there to help you out. Reach out to me on my social media!

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