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Who We Are

This page contains our terms and conditions & policies.


  • Every photograph has been originally captured by me and I own the sole copyright of every picture on the website.
  • Any kind of production including usage, cloning, copying, printing, posting or manipulating of my pictures without permission or without our knowledge is strictly prohibited. Anyone or any firm caught doing so shall be eligible to be legally prosecuted.
  • Every picture that is available for print on my store would not get pixelated or distorted with the sizes mentioned along with.
  • For custom printing, you can contact us at
  • I strictly do not provide digital copies of the photograph for the printing or any other purposes, I shall request you to please not to ask for it.
  • If you’re a magazine curator, publisher, journal writer, brand or any organization and want to publish, feature or want to use my image(s), video(s) feel free to contact me at You can also connect to me on my social media platform.


  • Shipping charges are to be borne by the buyer and the amount will be sent in a separate email by my team.
  • The shipping charges depend upon the area/ region or country of the delivery.
  • The prices mentioned are inclusive of all taxes, service charge and packaging cost.
  • Additional import duty charges and other custom taxes are to be borne by the buyer.
  • If you want us to send the print using a specific courier company, you will need to specify it while placing the order or you may do it by separately emailing us at
  • All of the prints will be shipped in a PVC pipe and with a wrap along with a pair of cotton gloves to avoid damage while mounting or unfolding the picture.
  • Paypal is a separate entity and we are only entitled to use their API to make the payment in one of the safest way possible.
  • A buyer who wants the payment to be done through the mode of Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) has to first deposit the specified amount, only then I and my team are eligible to process their order further.
  • The process of the order takes place once the amount is reflected in our account.
  • The process of delivering or shipping the print(s) may take up to a month at most, subject to my and my team’s availability as we may be on assignment and may not be able to process your order immediately.
  • In case of any further delays, you’ll be automatically informed via email from our team.
  • The shipping box shall contain the following contents 1. The Print (Wrapped) 2. Pair of gloves (Cotton) 3. Certificate of Authenticity of the picture.
  • The print(s) delivered are not allowed to cloning or producing further duplicate copies. Anyone caught doing so shall be entitled to be legally prosecuted.
  • The data collected during checkout shall be kept secret and shall not result in any kind of breach of policy. Some data may be shared to the third party courier company as per the need for the delivery to take place.

Paper & Printing

  • We use one of the top-notch brand paper around the world, of the company named as Hahnemühle FineArt, Inc. for our print.


Hahnemühle FineArt, Inc. is a paper manufacturing company in the Relliehausen district of Dassel, Germany. It is a significant producer of coated paper for inkjet printing, artist’s paper for traditional painting and printing techniques, and filter paper for industry and research. The company was established in the year 1584.

Hahnemühle FineArt, Inc. is a separate company and we only use their papers to print images. It is nowhere associated with AV FRAMES.

  • Currently, we as of now use only four types of paper:- 1. Hahnemühle Enhance Matte 2. Hahnemühle Enhance Matte Ultra Smooth 3. Hahnemühle Luster 4. Hahnemühle Glossy Photo Pearl
  • You or your organization may enquire us for the print on the specific quality of the paper and size. The demand for any other specific brand and size of paper depends upon the availability with us.